J1772 EV plug introduction

 J1772 plug is a EV charging connector interface standard developed by the American National Standards Institute (SAE), mainly used for AC charging, suitable for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The physical and electrical characteristics of charging interfaces for North American electric vehicles have been standardized. This standard specifies key elements such as size, shape, color, and electrical parameters of the charging interface. In addition, it also defines the interchangeability requirements for charging connectors to ensure compatibility between vehicles and charging equipment from different manufacturers. It has multiple contacts and a locking mechanism for connection, and is widely used in home charging stations, public charging stations, and commercial charging stations.

The J1772 EV plug has the following features:

1. Shape and Design: The J1772 plug is usually designed in a circular shape, resembling a gasoline refueling gun in appearance.

2. Contact: This plug contains multiple metal contact points, which are used for transmitting power, control signals, and ground wires. Specifically, it contains 5 metal contact pins corresponding to the contact points of the socket installed on the electric vehicle.

3. Locking mechanism: The J1772 plug has a connection method with a locking mechanism, which helps to ensure stable connection between the plug and the socket, providing a reliable charging experience.

4. Compatibility: The J1772 plug is compatible with the J1772 socket, allowing it to charge on electric vehicles and charging facilities that support this standard.

In addition, the J1772 standard also defines a communication protocol for communication between charging guns and electric vehicles. This protocol includes functions such as handshake, power control, and error detection to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the charging process.

Overall, the J1772 plug has been widely used in the field of electric vehicle charging in the North American market due to its unique design and functional characteristics.