AC charging point design suggestion

 AC charging point design suggestion

The following considerations should be considered when designing an AC charging point:


1. Charging power: current and voltage information.

2. Communication protocol

3. Protection level: Whether the angle between the cable of the charging pile and the pile body and the angle of the hanging ev plug conform to the drainage principle.

4. Dimensions: The outline dimensions of the ev plug fully conform to the latest national standard dimensions.

5. The charging ev plug homing structure.

6. If there is no one to guard, the ev plug homing detection and ev plug locking device should also be considered, and cannot be touched at will.

7. The service life of the cable.

8. Whether the material of the ev plug can be used outdoors.

9. The outer diameter of the charging cable.


From the above precautions, we see that the material of the AC EV plug is required to be used outdoors, then the material is required to have the following characteristics: weather resistance, high and low temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, gasoline contact resistance, Electrical Safety.



Selection of ev plug:


1. High CTI (electrical leakage tracking index): to ensure no leakage and safe use of electricity.

2. Excellent weather resistance, can be used outdoors for a long time.

3. Super low temperature toughness (-40℃ can maintain good impact performance), can be used in most climatic environments.

4. Excellent processing performance and convenient processing.

5. It can meet the preparation requirements of various colors, so that the shell of the EV plug can have a diversified and personalized appearance.

6. The material has passed ROHS certification, UL yellow card certification, CQC certification