NIO’test vehicle rushed out the third floor of building,2 test drivers died

At about 17:22 on June 22, 2022, a NIO test vehicle rushed out of the third floor of Building 8 of Shanghai Automotive Innovation Port and fell to the ground. The accident resulted in the death of two test drivers.

On June 23, NIO's official Weibo responded to the accident, saying that among the two victims, one was a company colleague and the other was a partner employee. The company has set up a special team to help family members deal with the aftermath.

According to the live video of Dahe Daily, the car rolled over and was seriously damaged. Several people tried to lift the car together. Five firefighters dismantled the car and broke the window to rescue. Some glass pieces and white cement wall blocks were scattered around.

According to the surging news report, after the accident, the reporter learned from relevant departments that this time a NIO test car fell from a height, causing two test drivers to be injured. Rescue. One of the test drivers died due to ineffective rescue, and the other was declared dead in the early morning of the 23rd after the hospital's operation was ineffective.