How to prevent fire when charging electric cars?

How to prevent fire when charging electric cars?

Avoid using in rainy and snowy weather, or exposed to high temperature in the open air. 

Pay attention to maintenance to prevent loosening of internal connectors, stripping of wires, etc.

When charging, there is no flammable material around the battery and charger to prevent the spread of fire.

Charge according to the instructions for use, avoid long-term over-charging and over-charging.

After the original battery is damaged, read the product manual carefully when purchasing the battery again, and select the battery that matches the model and specifications of the electric vehicle charger and motor. 

Do not push the electric car to the home for charging. If there is no charging service in the parking lot of the community, try to remove the battery and take it home for charging alone. 

When purchasing electric vehicles, look for trusted manufacturers’ brands to ensure reliable quality of electric vehicles.